Monday, 2 May 2016

A Base Fit For A Chieftain!

Here's a base I'm working on for the Takom chieftain Mk5 I recently built for Tamiya model magazine. as there was no remit for a base and as I always like to finish my models off with a base I wanted to get this done and ready for the next show. For this base my idea was a rubbish strewn street with a chain link fence behind the model with more rubbish stacked behind it.

I've used a Dio dump fence and then raided my storage for suitable items. Some food and drinks cans have also been made using plastic rod and card as well as the ever present lost sandal! Some of the plastic bottles have been crushed and distorted to add to the look of the final base. Lots more rubbish will be added later.


  1. Looks good mate - 'lost sandal' - little details - made me smile anyway!

  2. Cheers Simon glad you like it.