Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Belgium Beckons

Friday sees myself and Brian (aka Stonehenge modellers) off on our annual trip to the IPMS Belgium annual show Plastic & Steel. So as you would expect some frantic last minute preparations are under way. Yeah that's mostly Brian! The weather looks like it will be great, the beer is sure to be cold and the welcome extremely warm.

So if you are attending be sure to seek us out and say hello. 


  1. I will be there normally on sunday. I hope to see your Bulldog !

  2. Dear Brian and Pete,
    I am not sure which one of you it was I met at Plastic and Steel. We had quite a nice chat and mentioned I had been in the Chasseurs Ardennais Regiment.
    The book I mentioned is: "Belgium in the Second World War" published by Pen and Sword and author Jean-Michel Veranneman.
    IIt can be purchased on line either from Pen and Sword (probably cheaper) or from Amaon UK.
    The models you brought were very nice indeed.Best wishes,

  3. You enjoy mate ....don't forget pictures ...

  4. Thanks guys, Jean-Michel, It was Brian you were talking to at the show, he very much enjoyed meeting you as I did albeit fleetingly! Glad you enjoyed our display. Terry cheers for that, pictures will be up soon.