Monday, 7 September 2015

Takom T3 Transporter (Next On The Bench)

Yeap I've started another kit and this time it's something German, small and with only four wheels. You may remember I reviewed this kit a while back and have only just got around to starting this fine kit.

I've deviated almost straight away form the instructions and have left the wheels off until after painting. This is so i can paint up the disc brakes properly later on. The wheels come with the option of hub caps, as most of my refs show them in place that's what I did. The partial engine is also very nice, just a pity it's hidden under the model. 

The seats and dashboard have also been built up but will be left off the model until after interior painting.

i also decided to test fit some of the body panels and check for fit. I'm glad i did as the rear cab wall, part D2 just would not fit properly. After a bit of head scratching and checking the real thing out on the web I removed a very small sliver of plastic from each cab side. Part D2 was also trimmed up on the lower portion. 

Problem solved it now fitted correctly with no gaps! I also test fitted a cargo bed side and this fitted correctly against the rear of the cab as well, phew!

Apart from this small blip the rest of the model fits like a dream so I'm more than happy to find a fix for this small issue.

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