Thursday, 3 September 2015

Brilliant Bradley

The Bradley is just flying together! this kit should be on every modellers bucket list, it's so flipping good. The fit of parts, ease of assembly and the mind blowing detail on the parts is outstanding. just go out and get one you won't be disappointed. 

Most of the turret assembly is now complete with a few smaller parts still to add. The barrel is an RB item which I had lying about. not really necessary but I think brass barrels have much sharper detail than plastic ones. I really like all the bits hanging off this model and can't wait to start painting which actually shouldn't be too far away!


  1. Hi Pete. The Bradley is not my "cup of tea" but it seems that the Meng kit is just amaizing.
    It will be another great model in your collection. Did you have planed to build the interior ? A nice project indeed.

  2. It doesn't seem to matter whatever you build: they all fly together :-)!

    I'm not a Bradley-fan either (too modern, small gun, no wheels :-) ) but I have to admit that it does seem to be an amazing model! And expertly build as well!



  3. Thanks guys, it's certainly an extremely well engineered kit and as I've said the detail is stunning.