Tuesday, 6 October 2015

IPMS Belgium Plastic & Steel 2015 Show Report

Friday saw myself and Brian off on our travels again over to Belgium for the show. After an hours delay at Folkstone (no idea why) we made the easy journey up to Affligem for the Friday afternoon set up. As usual the set up was swift and easy to do thanks mostly to being able to drive my car into the hall to unload. Once completed we whisked off to Aalst & our hotel for a shower and a few beers.

We arrived at the show on Saturday nice and early and had the opportunity to have a good look around and make some swift purchases before the show opened. We had plenty of interest from the off in our display and language barriers aside managed to chat to loads of people. The M41 went down particularly well and I had a really great talk with a Belgian gentleman who had served on them as well as the M24 Chaffee before that! He told me some fascinating insights and confirmed I'd done a good job on the model as well.

The competition tables filled up fast with a vast array of excellent models. The club stands also had some very interesting models on display. Sunday again was busy with plenty of people through the door. Traders were also in abundance with plenty of choice  and I took the opportunity throughout the weekend to expand my stash! 

Again the show delivered loads of inspiration especially with the variety of models on display and also some of the different painting and finishing styles seen. I was also very interested in the way a lot of them were displayed especially as this is an area I want to improve upon. A big thanks to IPMS Belgium for the invite and very warm welcome, we had a great weekend and hope to see you all again next year.

Aalst & Beer!

More for the stash!


  1. Very cool Pete, thanks so much for sharing my friend, Jcon

  2. Very nice shooting my friend ! Some of the models are outstanding.
    One question : do you plan to make a Belgian Scimitar ?
    I'm looking for your advice about the VBL ... maybe a little review next on your blog ?

  3. Thank Joe glad you like the report. Alain, no a Belgian Scimitar is not on my list to build I've got a far more unusual idea for next year! As for the VBL I may do a small review however it's a cracking kit and there are already a few reviews online.