Saturday, 12 September 2015

Takom T3 Transporter Paint On!

Today I've got the main colours on the model and here I used tamiya XF 71 cockpit green for the main colour. Bit of a strange one to use on a vehicle you may say but it actually works really well for a faded NATO green sometimes seen on Bundeswehr vehicles. Tamiya flesh and white were then added to add highlights.

Tamiya NATO black & brown went on next and these were lightened with flesh & white for faded tones. The black was used to spray the underside of the chassis. Finally the seats and door cards were sprayed using gunze H310. Very pleased with the colours which look suitably faded and old. 



  1. Hey Pete, I was wondering if you ever completed this. I'm working on this kit right now and would love to see how you finished yours.

  2. I never managed to finish it due to some fit issues with the load deck area. It's in the pile of doom at present but will one day see the light again!