Friday, 13 December 2013

Valentine Weathering

As I'm buggered until the washer arrives for the airbrush I have been cracking on with the Valentine. A mix of pin washes, oil dot fading and dry brushing has been applied and this has helped show off all those lovely bolts. It's now pretty much ready for a matt coat. The figure has also been started and I painted his leather jerkin vallejo leather belt. I will then use oils to paint it later.



  1. Héhé looking good Pete! Which brand is the figie?


  2. Hi Thierry, the figure is ALPINE one of my favourite figure producers

    1. That's why is just looks so good! I agree these figs just look perfect, I think they're the best on the market (along with Wolf's & Hornet's, but these are harder to find in Belgium).
      You've already made a good work on the leather jerkin in your last post!