Sunday, 8 December 2013

38t Tracks & Valentine Update

Spent a happy 4 hours yesterday assembling the fruilmodel tracks for the 38t. I find them far easier to assemble than plastic tracks for some reason. Also they can stand a bit of handling unlike the plastic variety. The model is now ready for a wash before primer and main painting.

Good news too on the valentine front. I have actually managed to get some decals on! Thanks to Tim for the spare decals and Tony Lee for the suggestion to use microscale liquid decal film I can now finally get back on track with this one. I applied two coats of the film to the decals and then allowed to dry for 24 hours. The decals this time around performed as they should so happy days. The next time I use AFV club decals I will be using this on them again. Saves a lot of headaches.