Thursday, 12 December 2013

Of Primer, Airbrush Parts, Work & Transit Boxes

Well the 38t is now in primer as are the figures and the tracks have been primed with Vallejo panzer aces tracks primer. I also primed a nice Alpine figure for the valentine. Once I'd primed I decided it was high time to clean the airbrush so duly stripped it down only to find that the PTFE needle packing washer was missing! Wondered why it wasn't spraying right, Oh I use a Iwata TR2, so £8.00 lighter in the pocket a new ones on the way.

How can such a small part be so expensive? never mind can't do without it I suppose. That carpet monster has expensive tastes. I did find a rather patriotic transit box however for the Abram's impending trip to America. Looks good I think! nothing like flying the flag. I've lined the box with some foam so it won't move whilst in transit. Just need the name plate to arrive now and it can get secured in the box.

Finally today was my first day back at work albeit on reduced hours but it's a positive start! I'm sure I'll be itching to get back on shift after a couple of weeks doing "admin"

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