Friday, 6 December 2013

Tamiya M1A1 U.S. Abrams Finished

Well I have now finished the Abrams and great fun it was too. As I have said this would not be my normal fare so I suppose that is why it was such a fun build. Added to that it's a great kit out the box but with a few additions it really is a smasher. The base was simple to make with just a few carved plants and grass tufts added then sprayed with various tamiya colours and finished off with pigments.

I do hope it makes lots of money when it goes up for auction next year for the make a wish charity. So next it just needs a secure transit box for the trip to the states and a name plate which should be here soon thanks to "name it!".



  1. Good work Pete! I hope it's gonna make lots of money for "Make a wish"!
    It's great to see that a modeller can contribute at on his own way to this kind of organisation.


  2. Cheers Thierry I was just happy to contribute. It's nice to know that something I enjoy doing will benefit others