Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Type 90 Figures And Base Complete

The figures are now finally finished and very smart they look too. To finish them off I started with an oil pin wash to add some depth to the uniforms then painted the details using vallejo colours. A very light dry brush was next using vallejo Iraqi sand, this helped to slightly fade the uniforms and add some very subtle highlights. Once the matt varnish was applied the uniforms looked more muted in tone. A final dash of pigments and they are now ready for the dio.

The base was finished off using my usual methods of sand and grit then static grass plus the addition of some grass tufts and a few weeds carved from stretched plastic rod. Painted using tamiya colours plus oils then a final dusting of pigments.

Now it's time to add all the elements to the base and I'm done!


  1. Hey Pete, the camo of the uniforms is just looking great! It's amazing to see how effecient these decals worked! I admit that I was quite sceptic when I read about these two posts ago...: I thought how unpractical to apply and how glossy once applied these must be... but it seems that all this turned out really well!

    Were they easy to apply?

    Keep up the good work, you'll be right on time for the show!


  2. Cheers Thierry, I must admit I was very sceptical too when I started with the decals but as you say the results look amazing. The decals where very time consuming to apply and difficult as I had already assembled the figures. I think if I use decals again I would do so before assembling the figures just for the ease of access and cutting more accurate shapes from the decal sheet