Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Marine Mutt

After a gloss coat the decals are now in place and all the small details are painted so next it's time for some subtle wear and chipping followed by some washes and filters.

Finding a figure to go with the mutt has been quite a challenge. There is just nothing out there if you want to model an late 70's to 80's modern US figure. I find this quite extraordinary especially when you consider the amount of cold war US armour that is available.  However after an extensive search and with advise from my cold war guru Brian Stoddart I have come up with a Bravo 6 figure.

With some suitable modifications he should work out nicely. I actually have a resin head with a marine forage cap so hopefully that will match up with the figure.  


  1. cheers guys the MERDC camo certainly makes a change!