Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Avon Show 11th August

Sunday saw myself and my mate Brian head off to the IPMS Avon show to display our wares under the guise of "Stonehenge Modellers" This is not a new model club as such but an idea we have both had of just a display group. No meetings or theme nights etc. and most importantly no club politics. Our aim is to just display at shows and actually engage with the visitors and fellow modellers as well as have fun and enjoy the atmosphere of shows.

As you may be aware this year Avon have moved to a new venue as the old one was getting rather cramped. The new venue at Thornbury leisure centre is much bigger incorporating two linked halls. The space was very well laid out with plenty of room between display rows and both halls had excellent lighting. This year the show also featured the local war gaming annual show which is a very novel idea. I must say it seemed to work well with a good mix of visitors and traders too.

I had a great day and chatted to loads of people so much so in fact that myself and Brian had to have a quick dash round every now and then just to see everything! Oh and I did manage to increase the stash slightly!

Lastly some pictures from the competition area,

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