Thursday, 8 August 2013

Banzai Baby! JGSDF Type 90 Complete

Well here is the finished diorama all finished and I must say it's one of my favourites. Typical tamiya quality from this golden oldie of a kit with a few little extras chucked in really does make this a very attractive and interesting model.The figures really do work well with the tank and the small simple scene sets it all off nicely.

I'm very pleased indeed with it and am looking forwards to displaying it at IPMS Avon's show this Sunday. If you're there you can see it on the Stonehenge Modellers table. 


  1. Simple, clean and beautiful!

    Good luck for the show Pete!


  2. Thanks guys glad you like it, it's not often you actually see modern JGSDF stuff and it makes a nice change to build something different too