Sunday, 18 April 2010

Slapping More Paint On

I have been plodding on with the Geschutzwagen slowly but surely. All the red oxide areas received a succession of Vallejo colours applied with a sponge to intone many small chips and colour tones. I then added some colour modulation to some of the parts for a more varied range of colours. Next was a bit of streaking using oils and a pin wash in selected places. Lastly all the red oxide areas where brushed with various tones of MIG washes.

I then tackled the camo on the external surfaces, my idea was to add a camo scheme that would replicate tree boughs and hedgerows as I did not want to revert to strips on this model. The paint used was an old pot of Tamiya JA green XF13. The camo was sprayed free hand and came out very well. I am calling this my "oak leaf scheme" as it reminds me of oak leaves. This was totally unintentional the scheme just evolved that way!

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