Saturday, 24 April 2010

Chips Dust and Matt

Lots more done lately, the end may be in sight! chipping added with a fine brush and sponge using vallejo colours then some streaking and staining using oils. After a matt coat I used various shades of MIG pigments for a nice dusty look. The wheels all had the contact surfaces painted using games workshop boltgun metal. The barrel has been re sprayed yellow and green which I feel works better with the overall finish of the model.

The gun carriage and mounting has had a dry brush of oils to pop out the details too. The tracks are the only part of the kit I have had trouble with. Just cannot get any paint to stick on the buggers! not had this problem with trumpeter tracks before but they have well and truly beaten me! I am going to use some fruil metal tracks which at least will take paint and have better detail.

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