Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Painting the monster

Today I have mostly been painting! The model was primed with Tamiya grey primer and I managed to use up a whole new can of the stuff on the model. This evening I have started to add the base colours. I am going for a red oxide primer and dark yellow finish with possibly some green mottling on the exterior surfaces.

For the red oxide I mixed up Tamiya colours, these being X7 red, X8 lemon yellow and XF1 flat black to a nice primer colour. This has a slight sheen to it as the red and yellow are gloss colours. The wheels where sprayed first and as you can see I have left the rear of the wheels in primer colour. My reasoning being late in the war they would have not bothered with painting the inner faces the final colour.

next some of the wheels got a blast of XF60 dark yellow and the gun barrel and mounting received a coat of XF63 german grey. All these colours will subsequently receive darker and lighter shades to add shadows and high lights. I may spray the sprockets german grey just to add a bit more interest to the running gear and to break up the mass of primer colour.

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