Thursday, 2 May 2019

Man Cave Part 10

Nearly there now and just finishing off the final bits. Today the bench vent hose was vented to the outside through the wall. A relatively simple job but essential all the same. I was unsure if I should cut the hose and shorten the length but in the end I opted to leave well alone for fear of buggering it up. I fitted a cowled vent on the outer wall as well. 

A quick test was then performed and the extractor fan really blew out the air at an astonishing rate. Better I'd say than before when I just put the hose out of an open window. Once the filler around the tube/hose has dried I'll touch up with some paint. 

I also ordered the final pieces of furniture from Ikea today, two massive storage cabinets & a large Billy bookcase which should arrive on Sunday. I can then get the rest of my gear stowed away and the stash of doom stored under the display cabinets.