Friday, 2 November 2018

PLA Transporter & Flickr Changes

The model is now starting to look like a transporter and boy is it big! Lots of fill, sand & repeat has been going on mind you to get to this stage with more of the same to come. However the details are pretty good for such an old kit and I'm enjoying it so far.

On to my moan of the day, I've just been on flickr to upload some pictures and found that from January flickr will be limiting free accounts to 1000 pictures only. If you have more pictures than the limit you won't be able to upload any more & they will start to delete pictures starting with the oldest. 

To continue with unlimited uploads and storage you need to upgrade to a pro account for $49.99 per year. OK they are giving a discount for the first year of 30% at the moment but it's still annoying. As I have well over 1000 pictures currently in flickr I have upgraded as I actually like flickr as a photo hosting platform. However I'm reminded of the photobucket fiasco a while ago so will be watching carefully to see if flickr starts increasing prices for pro accounts. 

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