Friday, 27 April 2018

Chieftain & ASLAV Progress

I've now added another round of fading to the Chieftain followed by the disruptive black applied with a brush. I used a mix of vallejo black and dark rubber for this. I will probably go over the black once more to check for any missed areas before starting on the detail painting.

I've also been working on the figures for the ASLAV using magic sculpt. I just need to finish off the arms for the commander figure now after giving him some nice hornet hands.


  1. Hi Pete. Very nice camo with a good combination with airbrush and hand painting. Did you already made the highlights on black arras with airbrush at this stage ?
    Very nice work on these figs too.

  2. Hi Alain, the black areas are just hand painted with no highlights using an airbrush. I will rely on pigments and other weathering with oils later to add some highlights to these areas.