Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Chieftain & ASLAV Figures

I'm cracking on with the chieftain nicely and now have the tracks all sorted bar the track pads which will go on after painting. Details are now going on starting at the rear.

Thanks to Brian who donated a couple of old tamiya figures I can now start sorting them out and converting to Aussies. The half figure will be the driver and I only need to add new chest pockets and epaulettes to him. The other figure will be the commander and here I've viciously hacked his under scale head off and used a suitable hornet replacement.  

I've also removed the details from his jacket and will be making a new one with magic sculpt. I'll also replace his hands with better hornet ones whilst I'm at it.  I actually have an old set of Aussie combats which I'll use as reference for the sculpting and painting of the figures.

And finally a set of figures arrived from Japan today, just the job for populating the type 60 APC!

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