Saturday, 24 February 2018

On Track Show Folkestone 24th February

First show of the year for us as usual which followed the familiar format of arrival on Friday afternoon, evening drinks again very restrained. We must be getting old, and the show proper on Saturday. One thing of note was the weather, bright & sunny but boy was it cold! The east wind was certainly bringing down the temperature in Folkestone last night.

From the off we were very busy with loads of people enjoying the various club & trader stands. I delved right in and secured a new Copper state models Lanchester armoured car. A swift slobber over the contents made me want to build it very soon. It certainly looks a belter. I also bought a Cromwell CET from a guy on Modellers haven forum, cheers Des, another must start soon kit.

Up to lunch time the show was very busy but slackened off after that. However it did give us a chance to catch our breath and actually have a bit of lunch too. As ever it was great to catch up with friends and discuss the important matters of the day, like when would Brian get lockjaw from all the talking he was doing! 

Congrats must go to Paul B for his gold & silver awards in the competition, well deserved sir. Entries seemed to be down on last year and I only managed a quick visit to see the models entered. But what I did see looked really good. I also managed to get a quick look around so I could take some pictures for the blog. 

Here's my haul from the show, minus a book on the Mutt jeep which I seem to have misplaced?

Edit, found my book!

A big thank you as ever to Matador models for organising the show and for the invite, we as usual came away tired but happy after yet another great show.

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