Monday, 26 February 2018

Copper State Models Lanchester Armoured Car

Here's the next project on the bench, Copper State models Lanchester armoured car. I just had to start it after getting my grubby mitts on the kit this weekend. The detail on the parts is excellent with only a few ejector pin marks to deal with and it also has the best spoked wheels I've ever seen in plastic. I started last night and already have most of the hull done, it's that easy to build.

The plastic used is really nice to work with, takes glue extremely well and shows off the numerous rivets and bolts beautifully. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the exhaust has a metal end tube. That's because I mucked up drilling out the plastic tube so had to replace it. A swipe of mr surfacer was also added to for a bit of texture. The rear bed is meant to be wood so I carved some wood grain into the bare boards using a scalpel.

It's not a big model as you can see but it does pack a punch in sheer building enjoyment.

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