Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Isandlwana Last Man Standing

Here finally is the finished diorama with  the figures in place. I used VMS pigments to get the various earth tones and then when the figures where in place dusted the lower portions of their legs. I also added some spent shell casings using very fine brass rod. I think the finished scene really conveys a desperate atmosphere what with the bleak looking groundwork and the fierce looking Zulu advancing up the hill.

This project has certainly been a learning curve for me not least working out how to paint African skin tones and red uniforms in acrylics. It's been stressful at times and if this was not for someone else I very much doubt it would have been completed but now it's all done I can say it was fun at times! 

The very last things to do now is to clean up the base and sort out a box for transport.


  1. Very dynamic diorama and perfectlly executed!!

  2. Thanks very much glad you like it.

  3. Nice job on that one mate - something different.

  4. Thanks Simon I certainly learnt a lot making this one.