Sunday, 1 October 2017

800 Posts!

This is the 800th post on the blog since it's creation back in 2009 which coincidentally was in October of that year as well. From very humble beginnings the blog has grown into my almost daily modelling diary and a place where I can share my highs & lows with anyone who takes the time to read my insane ramblings!

An awful lot has happened over that time frame, I've lost two beloved dogs & a cat. Had two heart attacks, injured my back and had a few other medical problems. I've lost my dad to cancer and watched my step kids grow up and, (almost) leave home. I've started a modelling display with my friend Brian and attended some awesome shows under the guise of Stonehenge modellers. I've had about a dozen articles published in magazines, oh, and had some awesome holidays! 

Through all of that I have had modelling to fall back on and keep me sane and the blog to engage, inform and hopefully entertain modellers for around the world. Most importantly though I've enjoyed it and surely that's what a hobby should be about?

So here's to the next 800 and many more interesting models and projects along the way. And thanks to all of you for following my builds and for all your wonderful comments and encouragement, it's nice to know at least someone reads this rubbish! 


  1. I caught on to your blog about 2 years ago when I googled "Revell M48 Review" and I have been checking it out since that time. Keep up the good work. Your builds are indeed an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  2. Your work is a real inspiration. My to-build list includes a number of projects which wll try to imitate yours! Thanks! Looking forward to the next 800.

  3. many thanks chaps, I'm glad you enjoy the blog, keep watching for more fun builds!