Monday, 9 October 2017

Takom G6 Rhino Turret Time

I've been working away on the turret over the last couple of days and have now finished it off. There are some tricky areas of the build here which need some care to get right. The first of these is in section 37 of the instructions. Here you build up the barrel mount using multiple parts. It pays to take your time and check the fit before gluing due to the different shapes of these parts and their angled mating surfaces. 

The smoke dischargers received some etched chains and I found that it was easier to build up the guard rails on the model instead of separately. There are some very fine parts to remove off the sprues such as D4 & D3. I found it best to use a fine saw to remove them after breaking a couple trying to get them off the sprues. Some careful masking will be needed for the turret hatches and associated vision blocks too. 

A few brass and lead wire handles were added to replace plastic items or missing detail. One area I feel Takom could have done better is the turret access door tread plate, on the real thing this is mesh but Takom have molded it solid with the mesh detail on top. I was thinking of making up a new part but having no suitable brass mesh in the stash soon stopped that idea.

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