Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lacock At War Show

Myself and Brian popped over to Lacock yesterday for the annual "Lacock at war" show and a very nice day it was too. There was plenty of interesting vehicles to see and other items to admire as well as a good mix of re-enactment groups present. Brian even got to grips with some SLR's, sterling sub machine guns and browning 9mm pistols, re visiting his youth and warrior like career! Just don't ask him about the paperclips or dangerous typewriter ribbons!

I particularly enjoyed the dingo scout car which was beautifully restored and an interesting BAOR VW beetle which had a very interesting history. Also there were two very nice ferret scout cars which I thought looked superb. The show is reasonably compact and possibly due to the location vehicles are limited to wheeled only but there is still plenty to keep you interested. The best thing is entrance is free.

It's also a good opportunity to have a wander around the historic village, slightly bizarre as it is seeing German troops and home guard soldiers enjoying the scenery and having a pint in one of the pubs. Talking of which we also enjoyed a spot of lunch and a pint which was very pleasant. The show is usually held around the same time in August each year and is well worth a visit.

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