Tuesday, 29 August 2017

IDF Centurion 6 Day War Project complete

Well I cracked on with the base yesterday and can now call the project complete. I started by spraying the base various dust and sand tones then picked out the blocks, rubble & stones with various colours using vallejo paints. The pole was sprayed a wood tone then oils were used to pick out the grain and weather the wood. The metal cable bar was painted up as well and weathered not forgetting to add some bird poo! Some wire went on the pole as well and here I used fine fishing wire coloured with a permanent marker.

Then the whole base was then finished off with some pigments and the model and figure were fixed in place. Finally a small lapel badge went on the front of the base. So here you are an Israeli 6 day war Centurion, I've really enjoyed this project there were no real problems with the kit and the additions and improvements made really enhanced the model. It also finished out looking how I had hoped it would which is always nice!