Monday, 28 August 2017

IDF Centurion Base Work

The base is now taking shape and here I have used a tamiya plastic base large size which is cheap and does the job nicely. The rubble is from the red zebra set I bought recently and the telegraph pole is from god knows! I found it in the stash so it must have been there for quite some time. I've based the scene on a couple of period pictures as I wanted to include some rubble and the pole balances out the scene. 

As you can see the rubble mix is very good with a mix of breeze blocks and various sizes of plaster etc. The re-bar is also included in the pack which is handy.The small bricks are also red zebra items which Paul sent me some time ago when he was testing his molds. With the model and photographer figure in place the scene works really well and I'm pretty chuffed with it so I better get on and paint it!

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