Thursday, 18 May 2017

Gama Goat Basework 3

Today's progress now and I started by making up some fence posts using scrap etch from the spares box. I drilled holes for the wire then bent the posts to shape. They were then fixed to the base using epoxy glue for a firm bond and the wire was then fixed in place using fine gauge wire. I did try to add a length of barbed wire to the top run but just could not get the tension correct. 

After that the culvert pipe was hollowed out and the base given a coat of primer. Once that had dried I sprayed tamiya XF52 flat earth over the base then picked out the brickwork with tamiya XF9 hull red. I then started painting the fence and selected bricks and stones in various vallejo tones. Finally the pointing between the bricks was picked out using heavily thinned vallejo german beige. 

Not a bad bit of progress today I feel!

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