Saturday, 20 May 2017

Gama Goat Basework (Vegetation)

I've now started work on the vegetation for the base and here I've used stuff from lots of different sources. The corn stalks are O scale railway products which work really well for 1/35th. More stalks are need to finish off the edge of the field but you can see the general effect so far. The beauty of these is that they don't really need any painting except perhaps a little dusting of earth around the base of the plants. 

The lower area has had loads of grass tufts added, a few plants again intended for railways and a small bramble bush and stinging nettles. They are actually etched items. I then began carving various plants and weeds using stretched spune and a fresh scalpel blade. A lot of plants are concentrated around the culvert and some time was taken to get a random look to their placement.

Finally I've re-painted the oil can and then made up a rusty tin and circa 1980's Fanta & Pepsi cans. These all add a little bit of interest and different colour to the finished base. I've now got to paint all the plants & tufts then start adding a few small weeds and grass along the fence line.  


  1. How about as a bit of ironic humour putting a goat down the front eating the plants! - Lol!