Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Gama Goat Basework 2

More work on the base and this time I have added the groundwork using filler then added various grades of sand, grit and small pebbles. Once dry some sand and gravel fixer was added liberally to the base to ensure none of the surface texture was lost. I will now clean up the sides of the base and then give it a spray with primer.

With the model in place it's looking quite good although there is still loads to do on this. I was hoping to have this all finished before the Salisbury show in a couple of weeks time but realistically can't see that happening. I may just have to take it as a WIP instead. 


  1. Just passing by to g(l)oat over your project :) ! Neat idea with the raised road on the base, a natural way of putting the model in focus!



  2. LOL! Thanks Magnus glad you like it and nice bit of wordplay in your comment.

  3. Pete nice work as always. What material did you use to make the base?

  4. Hi Shawn I used a thin foam board bought from ebay

    1. Thanks Pete! I will give that a shot. Nice work as always.