Sunday, 18 December 2016

Takom AMX-13/90 Having Fun

My plan to prime the stug this weekend got slightly sidetracked as I've been having so much fun building the AMX. To that effect the hull is now finished off bar adding the lights later after painting. There are some quite fiddly assemblies to build up and these are not helped by the hefty attachment points on the sprues. However with care they go together well even with the sometimes vague instructions.

The light assemblies are a case in point being made up of two plastic and two etched parts. Holding these in a clamp helps assembly and once built they are actually quite sturdy. I replaced the kit spare track with some spare fruils and a bit of plastic card. The turret went together with no problems and to glue the vinyl cover in place I used tamiya quick setting cement. This stuff grabs and sets very quickly and doesn't melt the plastic too much so you can get a nice solid bond.

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