Thursday, 1 December 2016

Seehund, D.I.Y Projects & Next On The Bench

The Seehund is coming along very well and is almost finished after a matt coat, attaching the torpedo's and mounting on it's base. A very fiddly operation the last one and I've managed to break off a tiny little propeller blade from one of the fish. Looks like it will be a devil of a job to stick it back on. Anyway not much left to do just a little more weathering on the torpedo's and adding the name plate and that will be all done.

DIY projects now and I've made a start on the tiling in our new kitchen. We've also had extra cabinets fitted so even more areas to tile later on. However I do find tiling quite relaxing even though I'm not the quickest tiler around. Next week the floors going down so with any luck it will all be squared away for Christmas, fingers crossed!

And finally my next project will be Tamiya's very nice 1/48th Stug III Ausf G with some Hauler grills and a replacement machine gun barrel. This is for a group build just starting over on modelworxs forums. No idea how it will be finished so I'll just enjoy building it and wait for inspiration!


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