Thursday, 15 December 2016

New And Coming Releases From Red Zebra Models

I've just received news from Paul at Red Zebra Models of some interesting and useful new releases and future items in 1/35th to his expanding range of resin accessories. So I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on them.

The first few items are available now on his web site and the first new set is a pair of wheelie bins. One cast closed and the other cast with rubbish spilling out of the lid, you also get a couple of castings depicting rubbish to place around the bins. They look excellent and would make a great addition to any modern scene be it here in the UK or abroad, both in a domestic and military setting. priced at only £9.00 per set they are also very good value for money.

The next set is called scrap yard debris and consists of fuel drums and various engine blocks and engine junk. again they look really well cast and the detail looks crisp and neat. Another useful set which again is priced at £9.00.

The last of the newly available releases are two different types of handcart which are typically seen in the middle east and Africa but could also be used for Asian dioramas or scenes. Both are different in design and the first one offers a bare top so you can display whatever wares you wish. The second comes with a selection of fruit and veg cast on the top. Both are very well cast with very good wood texture in the resin and a nice handmade look to the construction of each cart, just like the real thing.

Perfect for any Afghan or Iraqi diorama or street scene they are priced at £12.00 per cart.

Lastly Paul has sent me some advance images of two 1/35th middle eastern figures which will be available soon. Both are civilian and would make a great accompaniment to the hand carts or any other scene you may have in mind. I like the facial features in particular as well as the nice poses.

I'm hoping Paul will release more figures in 1/35th in the future especially if they are sculpted to this standard. Paul is also working on something seen a lot recently in the middle east, a home made gas canister mortar and rounds. 

As yet I have no images of the resin masters but here's a picture of the real thing.

Again a very innovative and useful accessory which would look good on it's own or with any of the technical trucks from Meng. He is also working on a few other items but I'm sworn to secrecy! 

So again Red Zebra has released some really unique and handy items for the modeller which are extremely well cast yet affordable and made in the UK. With the inclusion of new figures in 1/35th the ever expanding range of items just gets better and better. 

Red Zebra Models can be found here, RED ZEBRA MODELS 

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