Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hobbyboss ZTZ 99 B All Finished

Here's the finished model and base. I added some static grass & tufts then sprayed the base with various colours for a dried out look. After a bit of dry brushing using oils I then added the rest of the pigments I had left over from weathering the tank. Lastly I made up the poles from plastic rod. The tape is PTFE plumbers sealing tape which is a white colour with a slight sheen to it, perfect for my purposes.

Another really fun build and one of my favorites this year. The kit was a breeze to build and looks superb once finished and it was fun to paint & weather too. It's also finished in time for my final show of the year which is Bugle Call in Bath next Sunday.


  1. Hi Pete
    This really looked impressive in the flesh today.
    The groundwork really sets it off. Excellent paint job and weathering
    Rob Matthews

  2. Hi Rob many thanks I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it. The groundwork was a bit of a departure from my normal methods.