Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bugle Call Show Bath 23rd November

Today saw Stonehenge Modellers attend our last show of the year. After a quick drive down the road from my house we set up in record time and then enjoyed the obligatory bacon buttie before the show opened to the public. We were quite busy for the first couple of hours but then by noon it went completely dead. It seemed that in the afternoon there were very few visitors.
This year saw no competition being hosted and I wonder if this was a factor. However to be fair this year I have noticed that a lot of shows seem to be struggling to attract the crowds of visitors that were so prevalent a few years back. Perhaps it's because there are so many shows now here in the UK. A case of saturation point perhaps?

Anyway we did enjoy the day however and it was great to meet new people and old friends alike. Also there were some real quality models on display by the various clubs in attendance. Here's a selection of the models on display.


  1. Hi Pete (and Bryan)
    Nice to meet up and chat today. You've got me looking at Castoff parts and Chieftains!!
    Admire your work+++
    Rob Matthews

  2. Ha ha! that's all part of our cunning plan, more Chieftains on the tables! It was great to meet up with you also It's nice to know our efforts are appreciated.