Monday, 24 November 2014

FT-17, Dragonfly & That Stug B

A rather busy one this but hey I'm in the zone at the moment so here goes. First up is the FT-17 now all primed up. As you can see the primer really pops all those rivets. 

The Dragonfly next and again this has been primed and now sprayed with the base colours. I used Gunze H317 for the cockpit, side walls and seats. The exhausts were sprayed with Allclad jet exhaust & the front intake fans chrome. I've also glued the wings together and am now working my way around them sanding down the seams. Next up will be some detail painting and washes for the cockpit assemblies.

And lastly that occasional shelf queen that is the Tamiya stug B. After loosing interest in the build and loosing a flipping  hatch I put this yet again in the pile of doom. However after a bit of a clean up on the bench and a bit of a search for the missing hatch I bit the bullet and got the plastic card out and made up a new one. Primed & painted I can now progress again with this build. I'll add a couple more filters I think using the Wilder stuff to see how it looks as I'm not that happy with the weathering at the moment.  

I reckon that lot should keep me busy until Christmas!

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