Wednesday, 26 November 2014

FT-17 main colour & Stug progress

The FT-17 has now had it's main colour coat and for this I used a mix of tamiya desert yellow & buff. I will be going back over the model with straight buff heavily thinned just to lighten the shade slightly and create some highlights.

The base is next and I have added some MIG wet mud mixture to enhance the texture on the base and cover the sides. I love this stuff it's very easy to produce excellent mud effects and get that churned up earth look. It also helps to blend the sandbags & planks to the base. Although it looks like a deformed chocolate cake now! Thanks to Brian I now also have some barbed wire so a few posts will be added on the base so I can festoon them with wire.

The stug has also had a bit of attention in the form of a matt coat. Quite pleased with the fading and colour variation on this so far. I'll let it dry for a few days then attack with pigments.

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