Thursday, 25 July 2013

Type 90 Figures The Decal Work

Well finally an update on the figures to go with the type 90. Yes it's been a while since my last post but the weather here in the UK has been rather splendid, an actual summer for a change! And I have been taking full advantage with plenty of BBQ's!!

Anyway the figures, I sourced some mister chronicle decals from Jason at LSA models who seem to be the only place in the UK to obtain them by the way. The sheet it's self is printed with a repeating pattern of the camouflage just like the real thing and very nice it looks too being in scale.

I decided to use two pieces of decal per leg instead of trying to get one big piece to fit and this has worked very well. Even with some overlap once dry the decals show no joint lines. The decal is quite thick and can stand quite a bit of prodding and poking plus trimming even when wet. For decal solution I have been using mr mark setter and softer, this is quite strong stuff and the softer really does draw the decal down into all the nooks and cranny's. I have also found that pressing the decal with a cotton bud after about 10 minutes helps any air bubbles to disappear.

So far it looks good to me with enough variation in pattern to mimic the real thing. However it's slow going and each section needs to dry before the next is added.

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