Wednesday, 3 July 2013

AEC Engine & Suspension

 Here's some more progress for you and I have now completed the engine and added the suspension parts. The engine looks really nice just a pity most of it is hidden. I have noticed whilst working on the kit that it suffers from over complication syndrome, i.e why use one part when you can use ten! A good case in point are the drive shaft connectors which in some cases are made up of 4 or 5 parts when one would have been fine. Lets face it how many models are displayed belly up? There are also loads of tiny parts that need to be added, cutting them off the runners is bad enough but clean up is near impossible. Another case of OCS.

However once assembled it does look nice. The etch is very springy so needs heating over a candle before bending it. I also added parts ba25 & 26 to the front wheel shafts instead of the rear of the wheels as per instructions. This makes it easier to glue the wheels on later. Talking of wheels they are absolutely superb with no seam lines to worry about and nice detail which should really pop out once painted.


  1. Hey Pete,

    It might be overcomplicated but seen from here, it really looks like a great kit. This makes me wanna buy it!
    Did you have any "fitting" problems?


  2. Nice start and what great detail of the kit as well....look forward to the next update.

  3. Cheers guys it is a nice model, Thierry there are no fitting problems really, just take your time and test fit.