Tuesday, 2 July 2013

AEC First Steps

Well I cracked the box yesterday afternoon on the model and so far have really enjoyed it. There are some fiddly bits especially the drivers seat which is made up of nine parts, all of them extremely fine and delicate. However the fighting compartment is well detailed and looks very nice indeed.

Here's the hull assembled notice the rivet and weld line details on the hull. Should look good under a coat of paint. The two rear braces caused a bit of head scratching at first as they are angled, I thought that I had made a balls up or that the kit had been moulded wrong but on further investigation I discovered they are correct. Quirky British engineering or what?


  1. Hey Pete!

    I 'll follow this one. The kit looks great!
    Clean build ... as always : )


  2. Cheer Thierry so far it's going well