Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tracks Finished!

I knuckled down last night and finished the right side track run and again managed to get a nice tight run. I have also opted for wheels up on the model and fixed the rear axle in position but left the front axles loose at this stage. It makes it easier to fit the tracks later on.

as you can see I have also started to add the hull fixtures. Parts B4 & B31 the engine hatches need some sanding down on the undersides as they stand too proud of the hull. Also part B5 the side hull hatch is not a good fit. I had to add a piece of plastic card behind it to close up an annoying gap. I also replaced etched part PE-26 with a plastic card item as the etched part just did not fit.

Construction should be swift now as there are not many more parts to add.

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