Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tiny Tracks!

With the suspension units added to the hull I am now working away on the tracks, as you can see they are really small and fiddly to assemble. They also require a fair bit of clean up with three attachment points to cut then each track needs a pass of a file. A very time consuming task as individual track links have never been my favourite!

I plan to build the tracks in top and bottom runs so on the model I have glued the rear idler in place but left the drive sprocket loose (the rear idler is not a very positive fit) This helps in securing the track run to the model with some tape whilst it's drying.

The instructions show 127 links per side so we will see if that is the case. So far I haven't lost any links to the carpet monster! The wheel units look very nice once on the hull and the whole thing looks very complex. The tyres are also smashing with a lovely tread pattern. I just have to decide on wheels up or wheels down.


  1. hello pete nice work, I got the modelism model but always hesitate to begin it. keep on with the tracks (boring...)!!

  2. Cheers Hubert, the kit is a little gem, even with those individual tracks!