Saturday, 15 September 2012

In A Distressed State!

Last night I attacked the 254 with water and a couple of stiff brushes to start adding wear and chipping to the model via the AK interactive worn effects fluid underneath the desert yellow top coat. I worked around areas of obvious wear as well as adding some random areas too.

As you can see the process has also worn the overall colour and given it a more faded look. You will also see that in some places I have worn the paint layers down to the primer layer. No biggie as the next stage will be going back over the model with a fine brush and sponge to add some finer wear using panzer grey and various rust tones as well as a lighter sand colour for contrast around some of the bigger wear areas.

Luckily the base for the model arrived yesterday so I am now just waiting for some nice Alpine figures for the scene I am contemplating to arrive.


  1. Hey Pete,

    I have just read an article about AK Interactive Worn effect. Do you recommand using this product instead of hairspray? The article says it is more reliable than hairspray....

  2. Hi Thierry,

    Yes I would recommend it. Much more easy to work with than hairspray. I have also used the heavy chipping fluid and that's excellent too.

  3. THX for the tip!

    By the way.... great painting on this Sdkfz 254!