Monday, 2 April 2012

My Little Tank!

Over the last week I have been building the Vickers tank in between various other tasks unfortunately not model related. So far I am enjoying the build but could not resist adding a few enhancements. The smoke grenade launchers on the turret where first to receive some attention. I replaced the kit items which where more oval in profile than round with some aluminium rod. The exhaust was also replaced with a section of an old radio aerial and plastic rod with some metal tape for the retaining straps.

The suspension and road wheels have been fighting me all the way, as you may be aware the assemblies consist of two types of miniature springs, brass rod and tiny plastic end connectors. I am afraid that they have beaten me so I have ordered a resin replacement set for the wheels from Sovereign 2000. A simple update which replaces the spring assemblies with much easier resin items, I blame my sausage fingers!

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