Saturday, 28 April 2012

Vickers Tank Base

The last couple of days have seen me working on the base for the Vickers. I decided to slightly elevate the base for this model and incorporate a small ditch at the front. For this I cut some dense foam board and then edged it with plastic card. I then added some polyfilla mixed with acrylic paint and white glue and spread this over the base. Finally some fine sand and stones where added.

The weeds are carved stretched sprune and the reed type plants are Kamizukuri paper items. I plan to have the reeds edging the ditch with a hint of water at the bottom of it.

Once the base has dried I will be adding some static grass then spraying in earth and grass tones.


  1. Hello Pete,

    Nice little tank that you got there! I own Azimut's belgian Vickers T-15 and I wonder whether your Vickers has the same chassis.
    Do you by any means know something about it? I still need to build the T-15 but since it's a resin kit and I think it's not very well moulded, I thought about replacing a part of it... so maybe this Vickers could help!

  2. Hi Tish unfortunately I know very little about the Vickers or if it would be suitable for a T-15. Perhaps you should post a question on Missing Lynx? I am sure someone would know the answer.

  3. Hey Pete, THX for the answer. I think I found the answer and I'm afraid they don't have the same chassis since I noticed the T-15 has 2 return rollers while your Vickers only has one...