Sunday, 22 April 2012

Big And Small Part 2

Both models are progressing nicely and I am especially pleased with the Vickers. I have added some very subtle pin washes and oil fading of the paint work. Not too much as I find that on really small vehicles the initial colour scheme can be lost under subsequent layers of weathering. It's now had a matt coat and will be finished off with a dusting of tamiya mud and buff then some pigments. The figure has been painted with vallejo colours khaki with a drop of Japanese tank crew colour added.

The GMC has now had the decals added, I used a spare allied star for the bonnet as none are provided in the kit. I have also started painting the stowage in various shades.

Next I will be going over the model with a sponge adding some micro chipping and toning down the chipped wooden deck.


  1. going well for the two, nice weathering on the gmc !

  2. thanks Hubert it is going rather well at the moment, something HAS to go wrong!