Friday 23 March 2012

Breaking The One Model Rule

I have come to the conclusion that only having one model on the bench at any one time is counter productive. I set myself this rule some time ago but lately I have struggled to get much done even when I have only the one model to concentrate on. I put this down to far too many tempting subjects residing in my stash and my urge to get at em!

So I am going to attempt two at a time, one in the construction stages and one in the painting stages. Maybe this will enthuse me and also give me a bit of variety on the bench we shall see!!

The next project is the Vulcan models 1/35th scale British light tank Mk VI B. This has been whispering to me from under the bench for a while and as you know I really like small tanks and vehicles so what the hell lets give it a go.

1 comment:

  1. hello pete, nice choice for your model (vulcan), as for your car (citro├źn), by the way I also broke the rule some times ago (one model built and one model paint) cheers!