Sunday 4 March 2012

T-90 Teaser!

After being totally inspired yesterday AND as an aid to a stress free me I have had a go at the T-90 today. Finished off the hard edged scheme on the turret and started on the detail painting. I am going to replace the position lights later with some tiny lenses which makes life easier than trying to paint them. All the elements are now in their final colours and just need a coat of klear before weathering commences.

The F5 has however been consigned to the "lost interest" pile so may be finished in a year or two! Oh how fickle we modellers are!


  1. What did you use for masking?

  2. I used "silly putty" for the masking, you can also use blu tac

  3. Hi, Pete, great vehicle and great camo......I really love it.

    What colors or mixes you used for the scheme?